Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Mini Twisted Boutique Collections

Mini Bows
This is my latest style of hairbows. A friend of my requested some smaller bows but wanted them to be layered. This is what I came up with "mini" twisted boutique bows. As always they are hand sewn and heat sealed. I can attach them to a fully lined alligator clip or small sized french barrette. These little cuties measure 2.5 in in width. I have made several for my little one to hold her bangs back. I can make a larger size bow to match the mini bow if you are using the mini to hold bangs only or the mini looks precious as piggies. Thanks for checking these out: Rainbow Collection, Christmas Collection (pink/green polka dot & red/green polka dot), Spirit Collection (maroon/white, or your choice of color). $3.50 - $4.00 ea. set $7.50
Snack Bags
I decided to make my little ones bags to carry their snacks in to school instead of using brown paper bags. Check these out:

I will be making more to sell if anyone is interested please let me know. I think they would make really nice birthday gifts.

Baking and decorating cakes is just another one of my hobbies. I recently made these for a friend's daughter-in-law's baby shower. This was my first attempt to make petit fores. I think they turned out okay and as always I learned a few things not to do.

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