Friday, October 31, 2008

Ready for a monster mash?

Aren't they cute! I made them for Savannah's kindergarten class. She was so excited and enjoyed helping me make them. She was able to put the marshmellows on the sticks while I dipped them. Which was a big help. I saw them in Paula Deen's cooking magazine back in September with her and Jack (grandson) making these for Halloween. I didn't purchase the magazine that day thinking I could pick it up later. Wrong. The next time I was in Wal-Mart I couldn't find it. I searched several stores and even the internet for the recipe and instructions without any luck. My mom has a good friend who gets Paula's magazine so she emailed me the recipe. Thanks Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Paula Deen!!!! I have the recipe and would love to share it if any one is ineterested email me. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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