Thursday, August 21, 2008

Savvy Franky

I am very happy to introduce "Savvy Franky" he is my first item for boys. He is very handsome with his bright orange hair, grey felt bolts and black button eyes. $15.00 short sleeve tshirt.

His hair can be green, orange or even purple. I will be glad to customize this little guy to fit your needs. This particular shirt is a short sleeve but can be on a long sleeve price may vary with long sleeve shirt.

Shirt sizes: onesies
2t- 3t
5 t
6-8 small

If your little girl would like the girlyversion of this shirt contact me and I will customize her a shirt as well. For those who perfer fall items I am working on a cute scarecrow and pumpkin designs. If you have any ideas about what you would like please contact me and I will be glad to work with you to design your very own Sassy-n-Savvy t-shirt or outfit.
Thanks for looking!

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